Play with Shadow

10' x 10'
Installation with videos and sound(Stretcher bars, fabrics, paper, embroidery hoops, pins, mirrors palm tree fiber and rope)




Installation Note on March 13, 2018

Imaging this space as what is in dreams. Fabrics are floating and scenes are muddled. It is away from the reality. The wood stretcher bars and embroidery hoops are for building structures and the fabrics are dripping down. These are similar materials for building canvases.

The two videos are made by 4 footages (Sunrise, Balloon, Walking and Portrait) in different order. The sunrise and the balloon are ‘rising’ and the walking and the portrait are ‘shadows’. The duration of each one is 1:20’. Therefore, their time can pair with the other three. The order is below:

First one: 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444

Second one: 2341, 3412. 4123, 1234

P3130020 10.41.08 PM.jpg
P3130016 4.57.28 PM.jpg